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Home › DIY Advice › Tool Hack To Remove Stuck Nails Stubborn nail got you stumped? Try this trick for pulling out the toughest nails. Shove a screw driver under the hammer head to protect delicate surfaces, like cedar decking or any other finished surface. For a straight pull, size the screwdriver so the pivot point is as close to the nail as possible. The screwdriver also gives the hammer claw better leverage, so you can often rock the hammer directly back on its head rather than sideways. But not always. Use this straight pull only on nails that come out fairly easily or that aren’t driven deeply. Otherwise you could break a wooden-handled hammer. Although you can yank a lot harder on hammers with a fiberglass or steel handle, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to use a sideways pull. Hand tools are great, but they’re even Gordontheplumber.com 24 Hour Plumbing Contractor better when you use them creatively for things they’re not designed to do.


“We are not yet expanding across the country, but that kind of thinking is coming into play,” says Gary Eisenhauer, general manager, “The goal (in 2018) is to expand quicker. Every month, we have a management meeting to determine if it is time to move forward or to slow down.” In the process of expansion, Eisenhauer constantly will be culling male and female technician candidates for employment. The general manager says technical ability is not the first criterion he considers as he interviews job applicants. “The first thing I look for in the recruiting process is integrity,” he says. “That’s because I will be sending them out to clients they have never met. They have got to be able to work with strangers.” He is not talking about an employee being congenial, though that also is a valuable customer service attribute. Rather, the employees must be trustworthy because they will be in clients’ homes where personal security is always a paramount concern. Both Eisenhauer and his customers must be able to trust that the plumber entering a home will demonstrate good character while there. Eisenhauer says what separates The Sunny Plumber from some competitors is the trustworthiness of plumbing inc the company itself and the integrity of the service employees who represent it. In his focus on character, the company’s general manager might be channeling Warren Buffett, the legendary CEO of the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate.


What’s the total across all your company’s locations? A: We currently are a crew of 56 in Las Vegas and are recruiting daily to get (it) up to 70 before the first 100-degree day. It warms my heart how Las Vegas has embraced our brand, beliefs and message, which have fueled our rapid growth here, especially since I am born and raised here in Las Vegas. Q: When did you acquire Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air, and how did it come about? What has been the biggest impact overall on your company since you took over these additional businesses? A: We wrapped up the Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air acquisition in November 2016. I’ve acquired a lot of businesses in my career, but these were different than most. This acquisition wasn’t about adding customer base or taking a big competitor out of the market. This one was about bringing experienced talent to the Goettl brand.


Any parent knows “back-to-school” is one of the most chaotic times of the year. You’re trying to establish new bedtime routines so everyone’s up and ready on time. You’re battling the fall clothing migration (as you store summer items and retrieve fall items, only to realize that none of the clothes your children could wear at the end of spring will fit them now). You have to get supplies and backpacks organized, lunches prepared for and made, and arrange for the new schedule. So… we understand that water conservation is probably going to be pretty far from your mind. But what if it wasn’t? Imagine the great example you could set, showing children how easy and effective good water-saving habits can be! Here’s a list of five simple ways you can work water conservation into the back-to-school routine. 1. Use a timer for showers. Not only will this help save water by limiting everyone to 10 minutes or less, it can also help you keep everyone focused and on time in the mornings, or at bedtime.


You’ll always know where your keys are with this handy hint! To make Lego keychains, start by drilling a hole into the base of a Lego that is slightly smaller than the screw potion of an eyelet screw. Next, wind the eyelet screw into the lego. Thread a split ring through the hole and use it to attach keys. Mount the lego board to a surface using your preferred method. In this case, we mounted our lego plate to the wall in our mud room. Attach the lego board to the wall by first marking the desired location for the board and making sure that it is level. Drill pilot holes in the four corners of the lego board and into the wall. To finish, drill screws with small enough heads to fit in between the lego pegs into the board. You’ll be so excited to put the Lego on the Lego board that you won’t lose your keys (hopefully) ever again!


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